The Circle of Life

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One of the great things about being a Celebrant is that I have the opportunity to become friends with my couples and watch their lives change and grow.  I keep in touch with a good number of my couples, through social media and what not.  I can bear witness to their lives, see them having children, making homes, and advancing their careers.  One special case of participating in this circle of life happened with brides Nora and Mary Ellen.

New York was leading the vanguard of gay rights when, under the leadership of Governor Cuomo, in passing the Marriage Equality Law in 2011, years before the landmark Supreme Court decision that made same-sex marriage the law of the land.  As such, New York Celebrants, like me, were happily asked to officiate gay weddings for couples from around the United States.  Nora and Mary Ellen had met in their nursing work and lived in St. Louis.  They came, with a small, but joy-filled group of friends and relatives, to marry at the Ladies Pavilion in Central Park.  Their lives became fuller when son Sean joined them a few years later.

Fast forward…I was contacted by the couple about their plan to come to New York City for a wedding vow renewal, which I was thrilled to do.  The bonus?  We were going to incorporate a baby blessing for little Sean, by then about a year old.  I couldn’t have asked for a richer experience.  I hope they will come back to New York, again and again, to celebrate lots of their milestone moments in life.  An, the circle of life…

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