My Philosophy

A ceremony is one of our most fundamental and loving ways to respond to change. Ceremony invites us to ask questions, and then live into them. By making use of world traditions, old and new rituals along with pertinent readings, I as a celebrant attend to those tender times with great care.

Besides personalizing weddings, vow renewals, milestones, funerals and baby blessings; I can also work with you to create ritual and ceremony to acknowledge the ‘smaller’ or ‘in-between’ moments; mending a friendship or family relationship, job loss, a ‘coming of age’ for teens, middle-aged or elders, parenthood showers, divorce, animal end-of-life tributes, a caretaker’s tireless dedication, or a ritual that centers around forgiveness.

I do not ascribe to the idiom that one size fits all. Each ceremony is one- of-a-kind reflecting the truth, personality, beliefs and uniqueness of the individual. You will see every word beforehand adhering to a gold standard that assures accuracy and suitability of tone.



As a celebrant I have a solid background in the history of ritual and ceremony, and the traditions of many cultures, beliefs and religions. I am an experts in composing ceremonies, managing rehearsals and performing life-cycle ceremonies.

  • I’ll meet you at a no-obligation interview to discuss your vision of the ceremony
  • I’ll listen and take notes as I learn your personal family story
  • I’ll consult with you until the ceremony is just right
  • I’ll provide a beautiful keepsake copy of the ceremony