New Home Blessings

The door to your home marks a gate between your personal world and the world outside. It is here that you create your family memories, where you dream your dreams. It’s where you nurture your loved ones and yourself, where you share your meals with friends,where you celebrate and grieve. The energy of your lives fills the rooms and all of this is what makes a house a home!

Particularly during the days of lost jobs and home foreclosures, the move to a new home (rented or owned) deserves an intentional celebration. A move to a new home is among life’s great adventures and is often accompanied by relocations to new cities, new jobs, changes in relationships, among others.

A formal declaration of this change provides emotional space to thank, in the presence of those, those who have helped the honoree (financially or psychologically).

Likewise, for many individuals and families, the home blessing may be combined with rituals from another culture and the designation of the home as a sacred space to be held up in gratitude, every day.

Happy Families

Having something ‘blessed’ is more than a gathering of people and props to symbolize a mere ritual of passage…having an officiant guide the structured occasion to recognize and celebrate my new home was invaluable. Sarah incorporates poems and meaningful readings to involve family and friends…and of course food…to prioritize what matters in the jumble of a move…such a celebration is incredibly cathartic. I would highly encourage people to not let this happy time go by without reflecting about it and observing with others.Adrienne McCord, New York NY