Divorce Healing and Transition Ceremonies

Divorce affects the lives of so many families. It is a major life transition that society more often than not fails to recognize, and individuals wrongly are made to feel guilt, shame or failure about it.

Those who have been through or are going through divorce need to know that they are brave individuals, and they should be respected for being able to come through this devastating experience with the support of their community and belief in themselves. Personalized ceremonies that mark these milestones in people’s lives are vital for the health and well-being of people as individuals and our society.

A divorce ceremony should recognize the hurt and pain that divorce causes and begin, together with friends and family, the process of healing and the journey forward to a life of peace and happiness. The ceremony process does not abandon the past, but reclaims it.

Within the ceremony, the following elements may be assembled: prose, poetry, music, and symbols that are chosen as important and meaningful.

Perhaps, by participating in a divorce ceremony that recognizes the event of divorce with compassion and dignity, all who have experienced divorce personally or in the lives of their loved ones will recognize the importance of paying homage to this life transition. In time, as more of these survival ceremonies come about, they will have a broader impact.

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