New Jobs and Retirement

The arc of a workers career is much different these days, compared to past generations. No longer does a man or woman remain tethered to a single company throughout one’s entire career. Rather, contemporary work lives often include major transitions to wholly new kinds of occupations.

These job-related ceremonies have numerous intentions including the following: recognizing the psychological (not just financial) importance of the work one does in the world; articulating gratitude for past opportunities and colleagues in the previous job; expressing thanks for new chances to enjoy productive and meaningful work; and encouraging thoughts by loved ones.

Conversely, particularly during the economic dislocation and down-sizing, impacting workers from all sectors and career levels, individuals need to recognize the psychological and social set-backs connected to a job loss. This meaningful gathering affords the community of the worker to gather around him or her, offering comfort, support, and good wishes for better times and new opportunities.

Ceremonies for Job Loss

Our professions are a huge part of our identity. And with the number of unemployed Americans still at a record high, many are seeking fresh ways to heal their damaged self-esteem. Prolonged resentment over a job loss hurts your chances of finding and keeping the next job. Everything we lose — even a job — is a small death. You can feel anger, denial and depression.

A job loss or downsizing ceremony can help you move on. The rituals and affirmations made in a ceremony can be the first step to the other side of the bridge, where a new and better life-phase begins. That’s the great thing about human beings. We pull up our bootstraps and go on. Often, the act of ritual and celebration, even when it seems like its the last thing you want, can change your perspective and bring hope and love into your life just when you need it most. I am honored to assist you in creating the perfect celebration for your professional life transition.


Happy Families

Some time ago, Sarah honored me with a “New Job Blessing.” As I prepared to start a new position, she organized a small, but extremely meaningful, ceremony with my closest women friends. I was blown away by the “Stepping Stone” ceremony and the poems and writings that my friends shared with me. I think this blessing really touched us all. It was a wonderful way to begin a new chapter in my work life. I highly recommend marking these transitions in life with a ceremony. Thanks, Sarah, for an amazing afternoon that I will never forget.Jill Tomarken, New York, New York