Celebrant-Led Showers

In many cultures wives and mothers will gather around a woman (or man) undergoing a major life transition, be it making a life-time commitment to a romantic partner or bringing a child into the family.

The purpose of these celebrations is the offering of practical advice, lifetime wisdom, and community support to the individual crossing such an important threshold. The focus of these events is shifted away from the accumulation of gifts and the pursuit of games to the expression of the collective wisdom and unconditional love and sustenance.

Baby Welcomings

The process of naming a baby doesn’t necessarily end once you fill out the birth certificate in the hospital. The baby naming ceremony, one that officially welcomes a child into the world by bestowing a name to him or her, has existed in virtually every culture and every nation. Recognizing a new life and publicly giving him or her a name is perhaps the most joyous celebration we can share with our family and friends.

baby in frame
We knew we wanted a baby blessing when our daughter was born. She was a much anticipated addition to our family! We also knew that we didn’t want a traditional ceremony in the Church we were raised in. Sarah put together an amazing ceremony that we (and our guests) will not forget. She used our own words to talk about our marriage and thoughts about being a new family. The readings were perfect and the appointment of our daughter’s “Guideparents” brought tears to my eyes. Our guests weren’t sure what to expect when we invited them to this event. I think this baby welcoming surpassed their expectations. I know that it exceeded ours.Ron and Danielle Bohannon, West Patterson, New Jersey