Celebrations for Families and Kids

Celebrants perform many kinds of ceremonies for families and children, including baby namings and welcomings, ceremonies for adoptive families, coming of age celebrations for adolescents and ceremonies marking birthdays, graduations, family reunions and more.

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These times are moments in your family life that deserve to be honored through ceremonial acknowledgement of the changes that are occurring. If you would like to discuss the possibilities for honoring a time of transition in your family, please call or email me to discuss your needs.

Weddings & Civil Unions

Next to the work as a certified Celebrant, I am also a Wedding Officiant and Non-Denominational Minister. To find out more about my other services, please visit any of my specialized websites:


Happy Families

We just adopted a baby from another country and were a little confused about how to announce this wonderful gift in our lives. Sarah presented many suggestions about recognizing our special occasion, why we wanted to be parents, and what a great act of generosity this was by the birth mother. Mike and Kathryn Smith
   Long Island, New York