Blessing the Animals

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I’ve recently joined the hoards of people who adopted puppies and/or kittens during the pandemic.  My kitten “Boots” came to join me about two weeks ago.  I arranged to have a seminary friend bring little Boots to New York from North Carolina.    He’s added a lot to my little apartment and my life—early morning pleas for food and attention, lots of adorable napping, and playfulness that rejuvenates the soul. 

As I perused my library, I came across Lynn L. Caruso’s (editor) Blessing the Animals, which is full of wonderful bits of poem, prose, and ritual ideas for domestic animals and wild creatures, alike.  There are templates for full ceremonies, as well.  The materials are excellent for kids and families—for new pets, annual blessings, or healing rituals when a pet passes away. 

As a Celebrant, I thought it right to offer a special blessing on Bootsy Boy, as I call him.  Consider the sweet blessing of Rev. Lauren McLaughlin:

“God, bless the animals, especially the cat.  We love our domestic cats, God, and admire them for their independence and their innate self-respect.  We are fascinated by their infinite curiosity and natural unpredictability.  Wild cats, awaken in us a sense of magic and mystery.  They have such an amazing ability to be at home in the dark.  Grant us, God, some of those character traits that we so admire in Your cats.  Remind us that You created us also to be free and independent creatures, and that it would serve us well to be more willing to express our own natural curiosity.  Lead us to the best methods of protecting our earth to make it safe and comfortable for Your wild cats, God, and strengthen in us our resolve to nurture and protect Your domestic cats from disease and overpopulation.  Thank You, God, for the wonderful creatures that enchant us and brighten our lives.  God, bless the cats everywhere.  Amen.

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